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we’re a global, design-driven animation production company which thrives on creating award-winning animated content both for online & offline use.

​Artotion Studio is a leading creative company, providing premium 2D quality art and Animation to developers and publishers since 2013. Many international publishers choose to work with us because of our high quality standards and very competitive rates. Our main services are as follows: Game Art Outsourcing (2D Art Concept Art, Environment Art, Props, Character, 2D Animation), Game Marketing Materials (Video promotions, game banners), and Branding. 

Our goal is to fully help our partners with our honed expertise combined with our innovative and flexible ways, while maintaining a fun and enigmatic vibe in the team. 


Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

In our ocean of art world we have team which consists of seasoned and experienced animators, artists
and designers, as well as well-established businessmen and leaders, it is our goal to help companies and publishers in the success, while following our passion of helping in projects that inspire and interest us.

Neeraj mahawar

Neeraj mahawar

Founder & Director

Kritika Mahawar

Kritika Mahawar

HR Manager

Rohan Chakravarty

Rohan Chakravarty

Growth Manager

Mohit Lambhate

Mohit Lambhate

Marketing Manager

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Team values help create a shared understanding around how to work together and sets the tone for how to treat one another. While your team objectives give your employees a destination, your team values will help them forge the path to get there.

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