Who we are

Welcome to Artotion Studio, India’s largest 2D art and animation studio! With our extensive experience, we specialize in a wide range of creative segments, including 2D game art and animations, concept art, character art, marketing materials for user-acquisition projects, games and apps, explainer videos, and branding. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality assets that seamlessly adapt to various art styles. Join us and let your imagination come to life with our artistic expertise!

We’ve Got You Covered

Brand Design & Strategy

Brand design is the process of crafting a brand’s visual identity by creating a unified system of design elements like logos, colors, typography, illustration, and photography

Marketing Art Creatives

we are responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that incorporate creativity. Create compelling content that resonates with their target audience.

Mobile Game/App Video Ads

Posting of video advertisements in social media channels is an effective way to advertise a game or app.  it can surely attract more new players.

2d Character Animation

Animation enriches the gaming experience. With our seasoned animators, we can bring your art assets into life.

Mobile Game Art

From static objects and to triggers that can change in every stage of your game, we at Artotion are capable of creating game objects that are needed for the phasing of your games.

Explainer Video

You want a video that’s custom for your brand and lives up to your company’s reputation, and that’s what we deliver.

Mobile game trailer

A video game trailer is a short snippet of a video game to give players an idea of what it’s like to play it. It’s essentially a hook to get people interested, learn more about your game, or buy it.

Playable Ads

We design Playable ads which allow users to try a sample of your app before installing and ultimately gaining access to the entire experience.playable ads were the most effective ad format on a month-to-month basis

Enhance Your User Engagement Across All Platforms with Ease

If you’re seeking to swiftly assemble art or animations without care, we may not be the right fit. However, if you desire a team that delves into your objectives and delivers impactful results, Artotion Studio is your ideal choice. We not only provide value and contribute innovative ideas, but we also actively engage in the creative process to ensure your vision becomes a reality.


How it works

Our creative process

  • Project brief and Brainstorm
  • Scripting
  • Storyboard
  • Concept Art
  • Animation
  • Delivery

Success Stories

Did an excellent job on project. Team was available whenever needed and followed up with me at every step. Any revisions that I needed were done instantly. I will definitely be using Artotion again for my graphic design needs.


Head of Marketing

I enjoyed working with Team Artotion and will likely have additional re-skin jobs in the future. He created great 3D graphics for my game. Highly recommended! The work done quickly and beautifully! 5 star!



I’m impressed with art and professionalism, focus on action and result orientation. very talented team. Moreover showed great responsiveness and finished the project even earlier agreed time frames.

Hassan Waheed

Head of Design

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