One aspect that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they can’t think as customers. So, let’s think of ourselves as customers or users for a moment: how much do we appreciate when a company or any business explains their products and services in detail? A lot. And what’s the clearest way of illustrating products, services, policies and more online? Videos. No emails or texts can be as explanatory and at the same time engaging as a video or animation can be. This is how explainer videos are important for your business and websites, and why we thought, with this article, of providing you with some knowledge about what explainer videos are and why you need them.

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos need little explanation because you certainly encounter many of them while you browse on the Internet every day. They are short videos or animations designed to explain something; it could be a product or service description, but also an idea, a project, a system. Many companies are commissioning explainer videos to illustrate their items, but they have shown to be so effective that students, researchers, politicians, and others are starting using them to describe their methods, ideas, discoveries, and breakthroughs.

But why are explainer videos so important? What makes them so engaging?


Why do you need explainer animation videos?


  • Video is king

Simply put, video is the most consumed type of content. There are several factors that have determined this: on one side, both devices and Internet infrastructures have improved to the point that videos are loaded almost immediately and provided with no lags and no waiting. On another side, social media mainly based on video content, like YouTube and TikTok, have become extremely popular (did you know that YouTube gets more daily visits than Facebook?) Making web users more and more used to this type of content.

Of course, written content and emails have not disappeared from the web, and they are still the best choice when it comes to certain purposes but, if you need immediate engaging, for example on your website or landing page, or if you want to be extremely precise with the information you’re providing without getting your audience bored, then explainer videos and animations are what you need.

  •  Animations are effective

Many studies over the years have shown that in today’s world, where all the content in the world is available in the palm of your hand, you have as little as Four seconds to get someone’s attention before they click away. As we mentioned, explainer videos are the most effective media when it comes to catching attention quickly. Among them, animations are proven to be even more effective. Why? Because, compared to live footage, animation is less predictable – and therefore more appealing – and strictly focused on the message – and therefore more clear.

  • Return of investment

The main reason why you need explainer animation videos is the return of investment. Any mission videos boost traffic on your website, they are highly effective when it comes to engaging and conversion, and they also improve the perception that the audience has of your business or project in general. All these factors contribute to generating tremendous ROI.

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