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How animation videos and games can help with e-learning

With the pandemic we all had to find new ways of doing things: shopping, working, and learning… Some of these “new ways” stick with us even after the lockdowns: we are still buying online more than ever before, and we‘ve found out that e-learning can be helpful in various situations: training and updating courses, international conferences, students can now follow classes even when they’re sick, even when they can’t physically reach their school because, for example, a snowfall.

Just like shopping online, e-learning is becoming more and more popular and schools and teachers are finding ways of making it more and more effective.

They are finding that, when following a class remotely, videos are highly effective in forwarding messages, sometimes even more than live classes. Videos can be stopped, watched again and again, and fast-forwarded when the information is easy to digest. In this article, we’d like to explore how and why videos are so effective when it comes to e-learning.

Why are videos and animations so effective when it comes to e-learning
1. The boom of videos on mobile devices

We don’t need to read statistics to observe how videos are probably the major type of content consumed by mobile phones. And mobile phones are a number of devices the majority of the population use to connect, communicate and use Internet platforms.

Short videos, explainer videos, video marketing, and short animation e-learning videos are trending making people so used to them that they can digest a video easily even when they need to learn from it.

2. Short videos trending

Other than video in general, with the arrival and growth of social media like Tik Tok, short videos are trending. They are becoming so trending that YouTube, one of the biggest social media, has introduced “Shorts” to meet this new trend (while it has always been a platform where longer videos had more visibility!).

When it comes to e-learning, short animation videos can be used to convey messages and notions, explain processes, and treat single arguments.

3. Quality videos

With the pandemic, students and learners, in general, have become used to following classes and courses online. Like it always happens when users get accustomed to something new, with time they become more and more demanding.

If you want your course to become effective and successful, you need to pursue good quality. If you or anyone in your company don’t have the skills to make quality videos, your best option would be to hire a professional.

With short videos so trending, amateur ones had little chance of being effective or helping make your course successful.

4. Advertising

One of the reasons you want to create short animated videos for your courses is that you can also use that material to advertise your courses. This way, you’d be optimizing costs, while exploiting the effectiveness of video content for marketing purposes, because videos are considered the most effective type of content even when it comes to advertising.

5. E-learning mobile games

If there is one thing that is as over-present as social media apps on smartphones all around the world it is mobile games. There is at least one mobile game installed on every smartphone in circulation. Have you ever thought of exploiting the mobile game framework for learning purposes?

It has been widely demonstrated that young and older people’s learning is more effective when they are engaged, and playing is one of the best ways of engaging the learner. For this reason, learning mobile games are becoming more and more popular and, for entrepreneurs and course providers, a powerful resource.


If you need help creating animations for your learning videos and mobile games, do not hesitate to contact our studio! We are always ready to help.

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